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As you can see from our signature line of garden rooms, each of them has a particular set of qualities that we believe covers a wide range of customer interests. But it can’t cover every aspect of your imagination. Got an idea for an outdoor kitchen to sit beside your garden room? Would you like to put your garden room on a custom cedar deck? We can transform your idea into a beautiful outdoor living space.

At Kensington Garden Rooms, quality is held in the highest regard, and we can help you realize your vision with one of our custom garden rooms. If your requirements are not met by one of our existing products, or you simply have a desire for individuality, then our custom service is exactly what you need.

We listen carefully to our clients because we believe great design is best achieved working as a team through dialogue, discussion, and cooperation. We are an experienced gazebo design–build team as well as professional problem solvers; where others may see a problem, we see an opportunity.

We are passionate about our work and are committed to creating architecture and interiors that exceed our client’s expectations.

To inquire about your custom garden room or outdoor kitchen, contact us here.