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The cabana evokes a tropical landscape: palm trees, the sound of the tide, and cocktails on the beach. It may be a compact space with just a few chairs under a thatched roof, or it may have electricity, a bar with cold drinks in the fridge, and a TV. Above all, it should be an outdoor entertaining space that gives you the opportunity to relax in the shade. No matter how close or far you live from the beach, the cabana is a welcome addition to any backyard.

While we don’t refer to our garden rooms as cabanas, they share numerous features with them: open-air design, shade, lounging, and dining areas. We specialize in handcrafting cedar garden rooms that will be an outdoor spot for the entire family and visiting guests to relax, enjoy a cold drink, and watch a film or major sports event. We have a signature line, but we also welcome custom projects, which may include cedar decking.

You don’t have to live in the tropics to have a cabana on your property. For more information about cedar garden rooms, or to schedule your free consultation, contact Kensington Garden Rooms today.

Home Cabana Options for Outdoor Living

You don’t have to be on vacation to take advantage of the outdoors. Perhaps the greatest advantage of owning a luxurious outdoor space such as a cabana is that it allows you to be outside while still having a measure of control over your comfort. During the summer, shade has a major impact on how you feel. While you may want to work on your tan, controlling the amount of sun exposure by retreating into the shade occasionally will help you stay healthy.

What would a cabana be without cold drinks? Your luxury cabana should be well–equipped with a wide range of beverages to suit all ages and tastes. Having a cold drink within a few feet from your pool keeps you hydrated, and it prevents you from having to go in and out of the house with wet feet. Even if you don’t have a pool, a cabana nested within a backyard will be a popular hangout for your family and friends.

Cedar Cabana Features

If you’re already thinking about purchasing a cabana, then you’ll need to think about a number of factors: the size and layout of your property and budget being two of the most fundamental. But you’ll also need to consider why you want a cabana. What are your expectations for this space?

At Kensington Garden Rooms, we specialize in luxury garden rooms that are built out of Canadian western red cedar, the premier timber for outdoor building. Our rooms deliver much more than your average hut on the beach. They include an HDTV, a wine cooler, and goose–down cushions surrounding a glass–topped coffee table, adjacent to a sophisticated dining area with high back chairs. Reach out to our team today if you have any questions about our products.