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From the Italian name for a projecting arbor, the pergola is a relatively simple outdoor frame designed for a garden. Typically intended for climbing plants, a pergola can also be used to give structure to an otherwise open and formless backyard or patio. It also provides shade during the summer months without cutting out the sunlight entirely. It’s a popular addition to a property, and some homeowners even manage to design and construct their own pergolas.

While a pergola may be ideal for some homes, others may be looking for something a bit more luxurious, a more robust structure that provides more protection from the sun and rain, and with the space to host a number of friends and family members, even on chilly autumn evenings. Here at Kensington Garden Rooms, we hand-build every one of our products out of the finest materials. Let our team help you decide on what type of structure would work best for your home.

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What a Pergola Can Do for Your Home

One of the major concerns throughout the country—East, West, South, North—is poor indoor air quality. Today’s modern homes are built for high–efficiency heating and cooling systems, and because of that, they lack natural ventilation. There’s no better time to start spending more of your life outdoors. It’s not only good for your health, but it’s good to get away from the confines of an indoor space whenever possible. A pergola can give you a beautiful structure to place a dining table and chairs under or it can function as a simple covered walkway from one area of the property to another.

What’s Better than a Garden Pergola?

But you may want something a bit more. You may want more of a balance between the creature comforts of your indoor space and the fresh air of your backyard. It’s not without good reason that we have come to rely on lighting, electronics, and comfortable temperatures. Can you strike a balance between those two?

Our cedar garden rooms (or gazebos) offer a combination of outdoor living with all the control of an indoor space. Hand–constructed out of Canadian western red cedar, our garden rooms are not only highly weather–resistant but also gorgeous. We spare no expense or effort during their construction, and most models come fully equipped with HDTVs, a wine cooler, separate lounging and dining areas, infrared heating lamps, and Sunbrella® canvas blinds so that you can control the sunlight and temperature.

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