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There are a number of ways to make an outdoor space your own. You can create a vegetable garden that will supply your family with nourishment, you can build a shed to store your tools and equipment, or you can add on a porch. Another option is the gazebo. No one is quite sure where the word comes from, but it describes a relatively small, open pavilion with a roof often used for outdoor entertaining and dining.

Our garden rooms take gazebos to the next level. They include luxury interiors with flat-screen televisions, wine coolers, down-filled cushions, and custom cedar dining tables. They are built out of Western red cedar, which is world-renowned for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Most importantly, they are handcrafted by us right here in the USA.

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What Is a Luxury Gazebo?

For some, the gazebo conjures an image of a small, brightly colored shack bought from a local hardware superstore. For many homeowners, these are enough, but for those striving for comfortable and relaxed outdoor living, they leave much to be desired. Our luxury gazebos come in various sizes and shapes. You might choose a large rectangular model that can seat well over 20 people for large gatherings, or you might choose a smaller, oval model that seats your family and perhaps a few others for casual weeknight dining.

Built to Last and Impress

Luxury is not about superficial amenities. Luxury is foremost about quality. What sets our backyard gazebos apart is the attention to detail. Every model is built by us from scratch out of sustainably sourced Canadian western red cedar. When properly maintained, it typically lasts well over 100 years! We offer both thatch and cedar shingles to ensure your hardtop gazebo withstands whatever weather may come. Our cedar gazebos are also equipped with Sunbrella® blinds so that you can control how much sun enters, and so that you can keep heat in during the winter.

Custom Luxury Gazebos Are Available

Feel free to wander on this site to learn more about our process, pricing, and the details of our signature line of garden rooms/gazebos. But keep in mind that if you don’t see exactly what you want, we are always pleased to take on custom projects that match your precise needs for your outdoor space. Whether you want a much larger gazebo, or a backyard gazebo that can accommodate your existing deck, we will work with you every step of the way.

Contact Kensington Garden Rooms today to learn more about our handcrafted luxury gazebos.