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Add a touch of elegance to your commercial property and give your guests and clientele a place to lounge, meet, socialize, or even grab a drink. With a luxury gazebo from Kensington Garden Rooms, you can turn an outdoor space into a comfortable getaway. You can bring in associates to meet over a glass of wine, or you can give your customers something to talk about and a reason to keep coming back. There’s no limit to how you can use an outdoor room to improve your business—whether it’s for corporate events, a restaurant waiting area, or an addition to a resort or private spa.

We have designs to meet nearly any business’s needs, but we can also design a custom outdoor room to complement your business. Contact us today to learn more about our garden rooms and receive a free consultation.

Winery Gazebos

One way to make a winery really stand out is to provide your guests with plenty of seating options. Covered outdoor seating allows your guests to enjoy the outdoor scenery no matter the weather. You can even keep the TV on inside of your luxury gazebo for guests who want to watch the big game with a glass of wine in hand. Our outdoor rooms have space to set down drinks as well as plenty of room for dining and lounging. We can even provide a wine cooler!

Restaurant Gazebos

When the weather is bad, you may not have the ability to seat dining guests outdoors. But our luxury gazebos serve as the perfect extra outdoor seating area or waiting area for a restaurant, no matter the weather. Pull down the Sunbrella™ blinds and turn on the heat lamps when it’s chilly outside, or open up the shades and turn on a ceiling fan when it’s warm. We can custom design an outdoor room that’s perfect for dining and serving, or you can turn it into a unique waiting area if your front end tends to fill up fast.

Golf Course Gazebos

Golf Course Gazebo

You want golfers to return to your course, and having a luxury area for lounging is an excellent way to impress them. Our luxury gazebos make a unique addition to any course. You can have a smaller gazebo to seat golfers between holes, or you can install one of our 28 seater luxury gazebos as an outdoor clubhouse room.

With a Kensington Garden Room, your golfers can relax in the shade with a glass of wine and enjoy the view of the course while a ceiling fan keeps them cool and comfortable.

Resort Gazebos

Resort guests expect luxury, and you’ll find just that from the outdoor rooms at Kensington Garden Rooms. Call us to learn how you can get one of our garden rooms in a scenic area of your property, and your guests will feel like they stepped into paradise. Our garden rooms include comfortable seating, weatherproof shades, heat lamps and ceiling fans, room for games and entertainment, dining areas, and more. Or, we can custom design a gazebo to meet your needs.

Country Club Gazebos

Give your club members more options for places to relax, socialize, or enjoy a beautiful view. Your country club can benefit in so many ways from an outdoor business space with plenty of seating, a weatherproof structure, and a lifetime warranty—so you know that this room is built to last. We offer designs to seat anywhere from 8–28 people, or you can get a custom design for your country club’s particular entertainment and lounging needs.

Private Spa or Retreat Gazebos

Spa Gazebo

The Kensington Spa, an outdoor spa room built around a hot tub, is just one of our many designs that can draw more people to your private spa or retreat. You can have a smaller gazebo for small groups to gather and relax at the end of a spa day, or you can allow guests to reserve a large outdoor gazebo for retirement events, bachelorette parties, and other events.

Bed & Breakfast Gazebos

You’re proud of the property where you run your bed and breakfast. Why not show it off with the addition of a cedar garden room, where guests can dine or watch a movie in your scenic yard area? Guests will love the ability to relax outdoors if they so please, and it might just convince them to stay an extra night! Call today and ask about the Cambridge. With a dining table that seats 8 and an additional lounging area, it may be the perfect addition to your bed and breakfast.

Corporate Event Gazebos

Liven up corporate events and business meetings with an outdoor meeting space from Kensington Garden Rooms. Your business associates will be impressed and feel more relaxed when you bring them outside to a heated room for a low–stress meeting. Offer up a comfortable seat at your dining table or lounge area, show videos or presentations on your widescreen TV, included with many of our designs, and seal the deal with a firm handshake and a glass of wine from your wine cooler.