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Whether you are a professional chef, BBQ enthusiast, or just trying to keep everyone in the home fed, outdoor kitchens offer a number of advantages. Cooking outdoors allows you to enjoy the sun and fresh air, of course, but it also gives you some alternatives to the stovetop and oven. Think wood-fired pizzas, meat, and veggies over charcoal, as well as large gas grills modeled on your indoor kitchen. Depending on the size and layout of your space, your outdoor kitchen can be your go-to year-round spot for cooking and entertaining or a spring and summer retreat from the stale air indoors.

We design and build custom outdoor kitchens that match our clients’ needs precisely. We can work with you to configure an outdoor space that meets your budgetary requirements, but, most importantly, one that will be a place for your friends and family to gather year-round. Like all of our buildings, our custom outdoor kitchens and garden rooms are constructed out of Canadian western red cedar for long-term durability.

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The Advantage of Outdoor Cooking and Dining

The kitchen may be the most expensive room in the entire home. It is filled with plumbing and electrical materials and fixtures, as well as large and small appliances. It is also one of the most popular rooms to be in, and today’s open kitchen offers a place for conversation and dining as well as cooking and cleaning. But cooking inside is also messy and it tends to involve a fair amount of clean–up.

That’s one of the reasons so many homeowners enjoy grilling outside throughout the year. With nothing more than food and flame, an outdoor grill offers a type of simplicity that your stove and oven do not. And whether you enjoy cooking yourself or watching others do so, an outdoor kitchen is a great reason to spend more time outside.

Customizing Your Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Area

A luxury outdoor kitchen would be incomplete if it did not include a place to dine and relax. Nor should you have to go inside to check the score of the big game on the TV, or to grab a bottle of wine. One of our custom garden rooms will compliment that outdoor cooking space perfectly, by providing you with a cozy lounge and dining room, a wine cooler, HDTV, heat lamp, and chrome lighting fixtures.

We can work with you to integrate a custom garden room into your backyard, including an outdoor bar, cabana kitchen, or just a nearby gas grill with a custom cedar counter space. Our team looks forward to working on your new outdoor kitchen project. Contact the professionals at Kensington Garden Rooms for a free consultation.