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Long ago, before the widespread use of electricity and before the development of solar panels, architectural design sought to bring more of the sun’s energy and light into the living space. Sunrooms and greenhouses allow you to enjoy the outdoors from the inside, and they make use of the thermal energy of the sun. A sunroom shares much with the greenhouse in that both use glass to keep heat within the home. And while you can keep flowers in a sunroom, it’s not for nourishing plant life alone.

The sun is responsible for life on this planet, and while we must be careful while sunbathing, exposure to the sun is healthy and necessary for our well-being. A sunroom can resemble a glassed-in porch attached to the back of a home, or it can be integrated directly into the roof. While sunrooms have their use-value, you do have other options if you want a serene outdoor space that gives you access to sunshine and fresh air. We design and build cedar garden rooms that are luxurious and spacious.

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Sunroom Benefits

The sunroom can add natural light to any space: restaurant, office, or your home. Its purpose is to give you the ability to view the outdoors without having to experience the year–round temperature and humidity fluctuations associated with other open outdoor spaces. And of course, natural heat and light is a more efficient option than the electricity from the utility company. A sunroom is also a place for casual dining and entertaining. The light and warmth often make a sunroom the ideal location for conversation at any time of the day. And, like a greenhouse, they make a wonderful spot for house plants and even small fruit trees.

Try a Garden Room Instead of a Sunroom

But a sunroom is still an indoor room with four walls and a ceiling, and the air can become stagnant and stale like any other part of your domestic interior. A garden room offers the bountiful sunshine and warmth of a sunroom, but with several advantages. First, you can keep the panels of the room open to let in a warm breeze, or switch the heat lamp on during the cold season and close the Sunbrella® blinds.

Built to withstand changeable weather patterns, our garden rooms are hand–constructed out of Canadian western red cedar, a timber that will last well over a century when properly maintained. Additionally, each of our garden rooms comes equipped with a number of amenities, including an HDTV, wine cooler, glass–top coffee table, cedar dining table with chairs, and much more.

Curious about whether a garden room might be right for your backyard? Let us know about your plans and we can tell you all about our custom gazebo sunroom solutions as well. We offer free consultations.